“Die Kornmacher in Gatersleben: Hoffnung liegt auf Ackerbohne”

News coverage about the potential of faba beans by MDR Fernsehen. Broadcast video (9th May 2023).





“Beste Bohne auf den Teller”

Murukarthick Jayakodi shares his thoughts about bean nutrition with Mitteldeutsche Zeitung (Central German Newspaper). Published on 25th April 2023.





“Legumes benefit humans, animals and the environment”

Murukarthick Jayakodi explains his special relationship with South Korea, talks about the award from the Leibniz Association and of course about the plans for his independent research group at the IPK. Press release.







Welcoming our first PhD student

Ms. Hailin Zhang joins GLG group from Feb 2022. She obtained her Master’s in Bioinformatics at the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China. She worked as a Bioinformatics engineer for five years at the Beijing Genomics Institute (BGI), Shenzhen, China. Hailin will work on faba bean genomics and bioinformatics analysis.






Murukarthick Jayakodi won Leibniz Competition 2022

Leibniz Best Minds – Junior Research Groups

Dr. Murukarthick Jayakodi has received the Leibniz Junior Research Groups grant from Leibniz-Gemeinschaft via the Leibniz Competition to establish his own independent research group at the IPK Gatersleben. There has been an official press announcement from the Leibniz Association.