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Welcome to the Grain Legume Genomics (GLG) group at IPK Gatersleben. We leverage genomics to develop more sustainable and competitive local land-suited grain legumes for farming across the world. Our research will promote protein self-sufficiency and allow us to consume more plant-based protein diets. We meet our goals by generating genomic breeder’s toolkits to drive the informed genetic improvement of agronomic and quality traits in traditional grain legumes such as faba bean (Vicia faba) and bitter vetch (Vicia ervilia). We also investigate the emerging traits required for agroecological transition.


Our research activities include the following components:

  • The comprehensive characterization and mobilization of genetic diversity in genebanks
  • The development of foundational genomics resources such as a pan-genome and diversity atlas to advance fundamental research
  • The genetic dissection of agronomic and quality traits to advance molecular breeding 
  • A close interaction with all stakeholders across the agricultural supply chain in Europe: breeders, farmers, and the food and feed industries.
 The group contributes to IPK Research Themes “Valorisation of Plant Genetic Resources”, “Genome Diversity and Evolution” and  “Growth and Metabolism”.